Data Scientist with Python


In this role, you may assist ur customers and our own projects with casual inferences and observations with finding patterns, relationships in data, develop software, algorithms and applications to apply mathematics to data, perform large scale experimentation and build data driven apps to translate data into intelligence, solve a variety of business problems and enable business strategy, inform, influence, support, and execute business decisions and product design, analyze and explore data to help discover hidden business insights in the data. Experience and knowledge needed:

  • Python programing environment
  • Data Science approach: machine learning, statistical analysis
  • Designing and implementing supervised Learning Systems using Python: Neural Networks, Bayes, Decision trees, Random forest , SVM, …
  • Designing and implementing unsupervised Learning Systems using Python: Clustering, Kmeans, PCA, Classifiers, …
  • Deep Learning using Tensor-Flow
  • Google, Amazon and/or Azure software for machine learning
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